360 Discovery Stills / Video Tours

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360 Degree Discovery Tours

The DISCOVERY 360 Tour.. showcases not only the property but common areas in building and/or nearby attractions…

Works perfectly though your CRM to create a tour button for great exposure..

Fully compatible with all portals including Domain – REA – REIWA and more….

AND NOW – Digitally Stage your 360 tour with Virtual Furniture

But its not only Real Estate that benfits form this great exposure point – ANY business can benefit form the exposure our tours can generate.

In our examples – click on any  of the hotspots for near by attractions – and then return



NEW – Vacant Land 360 Deg. Block Walk



BIRDSEYE – Proximity Add on or Standalone 360 Discovery Tour

We mix 360 aerial panoramas with ground 360 Panoramas to give your audience a better perspective of the location of any property.

Easy for us to shoot (within CASA guidelines) these 360 Discovery tours only need your input as to what and where you would like us to expose

We have a growing 360 location archive – but if we haven got it – we’ll get it.

These as addons / Standalone start from $220 for 3 360 ground points of interest.

Perfect for vacant land – but then again for any property.




Our team have now developed a process to stage our 360 Discovery Tours for a low cost..

We can even stage your supplied JPG panorama scans..

Turnaround is 5 to 9 hours.

360 Discovery Tours – Start at $220 inc GST

Book: bookings@propertydigital.com.au

04768 757 660 – 0424 372 994


The original 360 tour type – still very popular with developers and agents alike. – The Matterport 3D solution provides a top down floorplan view plus its exclusive “Dollhouse” 360 Deg. rotation model to select your viewing point.

PropertyDIGITAL Imaging Group was first to provide Matterport 3D Tours to the WA real estate community in 2012


$330 inc GST per property

Flat Rate Pricing for 1 – 5 Bedrooms – 360* Spins of outside property Included

6 and above bedrooms EMAIL TOQUOTE

Tours are hosted free of charge for 3 months – We will call you to extend tour indefinitely

Video Player



Video Player





Come to us with your ideas – we would love to help you make them come to 360 degree life.








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GET IN TOUCH if we can assist you with your imaging requirements.
Don’t hesitate to email us at accuratemediawa@gmail.com or call 0478 757 660

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