Drone Ops (Day / Night By Arrangement) – RePL – Insured

For years – accurate.MEDIA has provided Drone services across Perth and WA

We started our drone division as PIXELair in 2008 – securing and pioneering the first drone (CyberTECH – CyberQUAD UAV – Aircraft 75) for general aerial work in WA.

A lot has changed over the years but will still provide our pioneering imaging Internally via our own licensed and insured Pilots or via our Drone Imaging Partners who are contracted to perform more detailed work though to more advanced operations.. We have you covered.

Our aerial partner for advanced work is REOC / RePL (Remote Pilot Licensed) – Our internal Pilot is RePL/Commercial Excluded

Fully Insured for the work we carry out.

We plan all of our flights to ensure great results – in line with CASA regulations.


We provide very simple flat rate based pricing yet we can quote on any aerials operations you require.

You can add on features / services as you need.

Base CASA rules are HERE