Indoor / Outdoor Studio

accurate.MEDIA has the resources to help you produce quality presentations indoors

with our affiliation with Huzzard Studios at 10-14 Pier Street Perth or

outdoors with techniques to give perfect exposure in bright sun or any conditions and utilising

Sony 4K cameras and wind defeating pro Sennheiser wireless boom or lapel microphones and more.

All of our productions come with the option to choose or mix.


We bring the studio to your doorstep – all we need is approx. 3 sqm of space for our lights and camera and a interesting backdrop to tell your story on and the rest is with us.

We provide full wireless audio and professional lighting to make a difference.


Our quality Sony 4K equipment makes a difference to make you look great and really tell a story well..

Full wireless audio and “Skrim” (translucent discs above you to diffuse the direct sunlight and cast great light around you) are used to make a difference.

Don’t worry if we suggest doing your interview on a dull cloudy/overcast day – thats even better to capture you – diffused light is always great light.

HUZZARD STUDIOS – 10-14 Pier Street Perth

The studio is the hub of a vibrant community of photographers, makeup artists, models, fashion designers, stylists, hairstylists and more.

Providing affordable photographic / Video studio facilities in the heart of the Perth CBD, the studio has a range of spaces available including large white cycloramas, various backgrounds, and a comprehensive array of lighting equipment.


For more information email

or call on 0478 757 660 anytime